RG353 PSP Performance

RG353 PSP Performance Compatibility List

In this RG353 PSP Performance list I will show you my ratings of over 85 PSP games that I have personally tested on my RG353V in PPSSPP on Android.

If you want to see my recommended best settings for PSP on the RG353, check out my Best Settings for RG353 PSP Performance guide here

Can the RG353 play PSP games?

The RG353 can play most of the PSP library without much trouble. With some settings tweaks, you can get even more games to run at a playable state.

The base settings for my tests as well as PSP performance settings tweaks can be found in my Best Settings for RG353 PSP Performance guide.

Compatibility Key

  • Excellent = Runs perfectly on basic settings (see guide)
  • Playable = Runs very well with frameskip enabled
  • Needs Tweaking = Playable with more extensive tweaks like cheats.db or clock speed tweaks
  • Don’t Bother = Cannot maintain 100% emulation speed at all times even with tweaks

RG353 PSP Performance Compatibility List

Game TestedCompatabilityNotes
3rd BirthdayExcellentBlack screen on boot – press a button to continue to game
Ace Combat X: Skies of DeceptionExcellent
Armored Core Formula FrontPlayableFrameskip = 1
Assassin’s Creed – BloodlinesExcellent
Bigs, TheExcellent
Burnout DominatorExcellent
Burnout LegendsExcellent
Call of Duty: Roads to VictoryNeeds TweakingClock speed = 111
Chili Con CarnageExcellent
Crash Mind Over MutantNeeds TweakingClock speed = 105
Crash of the TitansPlayableFrameskip = 1
Crash Team RacingPlayableFrameskip = 1
Death, JrExcellent
Driver 76Needs TweakingStable 30FPS with tweaks. See guide
Fat Princess Fistful of CakeExcellent
Fifa Street 2Excellent
Final Fantasy TacticsExcellent
Final Fantasy VII – Crisis CoreExcellent
Ghost RiderNeeds TweakingClock speed = 222
Frameskip = 1
God of War Chains of OlympusNeeds TweakingSee guide for settings
God of War Ghosts of SpartaNeeds TweakingStable FPS with cheats.db. See guide
Gods Eater BurstExcellent
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City StoriesNeeds TweakingFramerate around 20fps with tweaking. See guide
Grand Theft Auto Vice City StoriesPlayableFrameskip = 1
GUN ShowdownExcellent
Half-Minute HeroExcellent
Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2Excellent
Jak & Daxter The Lost FrontierPlayableFrameskip = 1
Jeanne D’ArcExcellent
Kenka Bancho Badass RumbleExcellent
Killzone LiberationPlayableFrameskip = 1
Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepExcellent
Lego BatmanNeeds TweakingStable FPS with tweaks. See guide
Lego Indiana JonesPlayableFrameskip = 2
Lego Star Wars II The Original TrilogyExcellent
Lord of ArcanaExcellent
Marvel Super Hero SquadExcellent
Marvel Ultimate AlliancePlayableFrameskip = 1
Medal of Honor Heroes 2PlayableFrameskip = 1
Metal Gear AcidExcellent
Metal Gear Solid Peace WalkerExcellentNeed the PSP font pack to fix text issues
Miami Vice The GameExcellent
Midnight Club 3 Dub EditionNeeds Tweaking20FPS with tweaks. Sky texture issues with Vulkan
ModNation RacersExcellent
Monster Hunter Freedom UniteExcellent
MVP BaseballExcellent
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja ImpactExcellent
NBA Street ShowdownExcellent
Need for Speed CarbonExcellent
Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0Excellent
NHL 2007Excellent
No Gravity The Plauge of MindExcellent
Persona 3 PortableExcellent
Peter Jackson’s King KongExcellent
Phantasy Star PortableExcellent
PixelJunk Monsters DeluxeExcellent
Power Stone CollectionExcellent
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012Excellent
Pursuit ForcePlayableFrameskip = 1
Ratchet & Clank Size MattersPlayableFrameskip = 2
Resistance RetributionNeeds Tweakingstable 30FPS. See guide
Side Meier’s Pirates!Excellent
Snoopy vs The Red BaronExcellent
Spider-Man 2Excellent
Spider-Man 3Needs TweakingNeeds major tweaking. Passably playable. See Guide
Spider-Man Friend or FoeExcellent
Star Ocean Second EvolutionExcellent
Star Trek Tactical AssaultExcellent
Star Wars The Force UnleashedNeeds TweakingSee guide
Syphon Filter Dark MirrorNeeds Tweaking30FPS cheats.db
Syphon Filter Logan’s ShadowNeeds Tweaking30FPS cheats.db + Clock speed = 111
Test Drive UnlimitedPlayableFrameskip = 1
The Godfather Mob WarsExcellent
The Red StarExcellent
The Simpsons GameExcellent
The WarriorsExcellent
Tomb Raider AnniversaryDon’t BotherOccassional dips in emulation speed below 100% at
Clock speed = 85
Playable with tweaks if you don’t mind the dips in speed in large areas
Valkyria Chronicles IIExcellent
Warhammer 40,000 Squad CommandNeeds TweakingClock speed = 95
Warriors Orochi 2Excellent
Way of the Samurai PortableExcellent
Wildarms XFExcellent
X-Men Legends 2 Rise of ApocalypseNeeds Tweaking30FPS cheats.db + Frameskip = 1
X-Men Origins WolverineNeeds TweakingClock speed = 111

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